220 volt Live - in concertQuinoa original fan club releaseQuinoa re-releaseTurn of the TidesTurn of the TidesCatch Me... If You Can (Soundtrack)The Man Inside (Soundtrack)Forbidden soundtrack (aka "Verstecht", Germany 1985)Zoning (Repertoire label)Tyranny  of Beauty (TDI release)Tyranny  of Beauty (LES FOLIES ART release)The Brick- boxed set of 5 Grammy Award nominated albums: 
220 Volt Live 
Turn Of The Tides 
Tyranny Of Beauty 
Canyon DreamsDream Mixes (US Release)Dream Mixes (GB Release)Goblin's Club (TDI release)Goblin's club (Sequel Records release)OasisOasisOasisAmbient Monkeys- re-release coverLuminous Visions1997 Tour CDRumpelstiltskin Mädchen auf der Treppe (97' Remix)