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Ruling the Waves - the 3rd Encore from the Werner-Seelenbinderhalle Concert of 1990.02.20 (after Alexander Square). Originally intended to be the bonus track on Melrose Years album, but did not appear. Thanks to Jerome Froese and Martin K. of TDI for providing this file!

mp3   (192 Kbps) 8.5 MB

SHN MD5 "checksum" file

install mkwAct, which converts SHN to WAV. Then run this file to check the integrity of the WAV file.

1 k

Interview 2003.06.25 :: Edgar Froese Interviewed by Olaf Zimmerman on Radio Eins 'Elektrobeats' Show

Link to Interview Translation

Interview 1980.01.31 :: Edgar Froese and Chris Franke interviewed text and audio