Dear Friends,

Here is the schedule for the Ricochet Gathering 2004.

I just got off the phone with the owner of the property and we are all set!
There are 24 beds, so some of us will have to sleep in the village - which
is no problem IMO.

He will also arrange a shop to make T-Shirts and a Concert hall and

So here it is:

PLACE: Jelenia Gora, Poland (Southwest Poland - close to Dresden Germany)

DATE: September 5-11, 2004.


9/5 - we all arrive and start rehearsals (Sunday)
9/6 - rehearsals and basic equestrian training (Monday)
9/7 - rehearsals and mushroom hunting session (Tuesday)
9/8 - rehearsals and equestrian education (Wednesday)
9/9 - rehearsals and equestrian excursion (Thursday)
9/10 - CONCERTS in Jelenia Gora (Friday)
9/11 - CONCERTS in Jelenia Gora (Saturday) - in memory of the NYC terrorist

Oh, and who will be there ( in no particular order)!

Paul Lawer (aka Arcane, Max Van Richter)
Free System Projekt (Marcel!)
Dave Brewer
Bill Fox
Star Sounds Orchestra (Steve Schroyder and Jens Zygar)
Harald Grosskopf!
I also hope to have Mario S. and his artists join us.....

And I'm sure that other very special guests will join/attend - hint hint :-)

I think that the EM scene will have much exposure. The Poles love EM!


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