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The purpose of this page is to provide a preview of their music as a service to you, their fans. Note that while the quality of what you can hear via RealAudio is adequate for reviewing, it does not come near the quality of officially-released recordings, and we encourage you to buy the official releases. All of the content here is officially available elsewhere on the web, and is appropriately credited below.

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Oasis excerpt: WaterborneOasis excerpt: Waterborne Excerpts from TD's 1997 European Tour Excerpts from Europe '97
CLICK TO PLAY- Turn of the Tides - from broadcast.com Turn of the Tides CLICK TO PLAY- 220 Volt Live- from broadcast.com 220 Volt Live

CLICK TO PLAY- Tyranny of Beauty - from broadcast.comTyranny of Beauty

CLICK TO PLAY- Rockoon - from broadcast.com Rockoon
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CLICK TO PLAY - Music Sojourn Broadcast Network- Phaedra 25th Year Anniversary Retrospective Program Phaedra 25TH Anniversary Retrospective

The Phaedra program is 30 minutes into the program on Clip # 1. You can jump to this point by sliding the "clip position" to the right. The time index is in the lower right-hand corner of the RealAudio window. Click here for a complete program listing.

...with some interesting commentary on the significance of this landmark album by some of the artists that were influenced by it.

This program is Echoes 19E-2 / EO-4-5, Hour #5 Week of 5/17/99.

CLICK TO PLAY- The Dream Mixes - from broadcast.comThe Dream Mixes (28.8k)

CLICK TO PLAY- The Dream Mixes - from broadcast.comThe Dream Mixes (56k ISDN)

CLICK TO PLAY - Music Sojourn Broadcast Network- Playlist AC-3.1CLICK TO PLAY - Music Sojourn Broadcast Network- Playlist AC-3.1
[Click here to play]

Force Majeure is the first track;
Tangram Part 1 starts at index 1:30:40;
PA701 (E.Froese solo) is at clip 7 of 11, index 01:30:00

Complete playlist for this show

Scuba Scuba from Underwater Sunlight is at index 2:45:43

Complete playlist for this show

New Music for Films Epic
The Celestine Prophecy Tenchi the Movie Soundtrack
Klemania Enchanting Nature
Transformation Of Mind with Deepak Chopra reading The London Concert

EMUSIC, an electronic, ambient, and space music show.


Kitaro- An Enchanted Evening, Cirque Ingenieux , Silk Road Vol. 1 , Silk Road Vol. 2 , The World of Kitaro
Star Wars - the real one...scary.
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