Essentially, SHN is like Winzip for music files. It allows you to compress the original mastered music files to half their normal size without any data loss. So a Redbook CD (the kind you can play in any CD player) made from a SHN source is digitally perfect. It's like drinking your beer from the tap of the keg instead of getting it in a glass.

Contrary to popular assumption, when you make a copy of a regular Redbook CD, there is data loss. Copy of a copy of a copy of a copy is even worse.

Burning from SHN is easy. Here is a description of the process for an SHN branch:

Joe wrote:
> yeah, I was just concerned that it (SHN) was a lot of trouble.
> so since I have you "on the line", how about this clarification:
> 1) I copy the SHN files onto HDD
> 2) I use the SHN program to burn directly from my HDD to CDR redbook
> Is it really that simple?

Yes, but you have the details wrong.

When copying SHN disks to pass down the tree to SHN recipients, you just copy the files like you would a normal data CD, using the "Copy CD" function. Just follow the directions the burning program runs you through, which will probably be similar to the following steps:

Burning SHN to REDBOOK:   Suppose you have 5 discs to make for leaves (assuming the leaves want redbook):

  1. Insert SHN branch disc in CDROM or CDRW
  2. Convert (1 step) SHN files from CD drive to WAV files on hard disk at maximum speed (this is an easy right-click process)
  3. Insert blank into CDRW
  4. burn WAV files to redbook with your favorite burning program
  5. repeat as needed

That's it. Simple, eh?

Ciao -- Mark