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Music from Fans inspired by Tangerine Dream
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From Dream to Reality:

After a few years of existence, appears that the Tadream (and tangerinedream) list contains some musicians. So Joel Mullen, who manages one of these lists, naturally proposed to create a CDR conataining music by the list members. As he couldn't managed the project, I decided to continue the adventure. More a musicians gathering than a Tangerine Dream tribute, the project is now a reality as a lot of members spontaneously answered for their contribution. You will discover the hidden gifts of these musicians who can express their musical feelings through their works. Whatever the influence, music is the inner crying of the heart.

The Dreamwatchers' Tales: a gathering of electronic musicians through Internet

Atmospheric sound sculpture created by Darklion featuring short extracts of each track of this project and also the special tracks from the preview CDR.

2- NIGHTBIRDS "Morning Weather" (R.V. - Blue Maze)
Atmospheric intro continues with cyclic sequences and background soli & chord recorded live Cap d'Agde - France in summer 1995

3- NEMESIS "Moontrigger" (Ami Hassinen - Jyrki Kastman)
Classic berlin school piece with sequences & soli using vintage sounds

4- OLIVIER BRIAND "Transparences" (O. Briand)
Etheral opening turning into heavy franke-like sequences and acoustic guitar soli
Guitar played by Christian Gerard

5- DÖKTOR STRANGE "To be or not to be Live ?" (Dr Strange)
An ambient/trance track with schulzian analog sequences & light drumset with short soli Featuring P-33 on additional keyboards
Recorded live

6- DARKLION "Desert Line - Dreamlist part" (Darklion)
Multilayed voices opening followed by a techno-like piece with an ending "à la Froese" using mellotron strings, orchestra and zombi samples

7- JEFF BERGMAN "An Intense and Intimate Journey Into your Mind" (J. Bergman)
Long track with progressive sequences and many themes variations

8- FREE SYSTEM PROJECT "Faraday" (Marcel Engels)
Another classic berlin school piece with analog sequences and vintage-sound-soli

9- JOHN GENTILE "Liquid quartz" (J. Gentile)
Flying track with synth strings and crystal soli

10- DAVE BREWER "December Afternoon" (D. Brewer)
Short romantic music with piano solo and background synth

11- EPHEMERIS "Astronautilus" (Rod Jones)
A happily track with a lot of themes and 80's-like composition and arrangements

12- GUSTAVO JOBIM "Morse Codes"
A totally different track ! it's a free jazz improvisation on an electric organ.


1- DREAM CONSPIRACY "Dysfunction" (Matthew Stringer - John Stringer - Stephen Fletcher)
Floating opening followed by drumset and later by cyclic sequences and some soli.

2- IONIC "From Gulf to Gulf" (J. Salyers - Patrick Zimmermann - Christophe Steulet)
Ambient peaceful track with slow sequences and etheral backgrounds.

3- OLYAM "Asterope I" (Olyam)
Electronic composition with complex arrangement and music theme played on electric guitar

4- DARKLION & DÖKTOR STRANGE "So Good" (Darklion - Dr Strange)
1st collaboration for the project. Cyclic techno-dance sequences with chords and voice samples Sequences Drumset and samples by darklion (studio
Mirage) and all overlays by DÖKTOR STRANGE (Num-R-Ick Studio)

5- TWO ARE ONE "Love of Life" (Tim Scallon)
A peaceful track with acoustic guitar themes and synth backgrounds

6- DWELLER AT THE THRESHOLD "World without end" (Paul Ellis - Dave Fulton)
Another berlin school piece with a lot of flying analog sequences and vintage sounds soli

7- FRED YARGUI "Sirius Suite" (F. Yargui)
A three part track. Sound sculpture opening quickly followed by a slow electronic compositions.

8- BRIAN FRICK "Sequential 97" (B. Frick)
The title speaks by itself. some theme variations on sequences and drumset.

9- SATSUMA NIGHTMARE "Grating Lobes" (Alan Stocker - Jon Angell)
Another sequenced track with several soli on guitar-like sound and a TD-like flute sound

10- DARKLION & OLYAM "Bubble Bells" (Darklion - Olyam)
2nd Collaboration track. Cyclic crystal sequences overlayed by guitar and synth soli and precussions Sequences and drumset by Darklion (Studio Mirage)
all overlays, guitars and Percussion by Olyam (Studio Faure)

11- RICHARD FORD "Another Day" (R.Ford)
A happy track to close the project. Happily Themes on 80's like composition.

The Dreamwatchers' Tales
Original Idea : Joel Mullen
Project Management : Yannick Edom
Management Assistants : Océane and Marine Brenan
Audio Mastering & Processing : Darklion
All Artworks : Yannick Edom
Visual Concept and Sleeve Design : Darklion
Inner sleeve texts by Darklion, Océane Brenan and Marine Brenan
Mastering, Processing and Cover Design at Studio Mirage Créations - Toulouse France

Mirage Créations
Yannick Edom
Champlain B7 A101 47
Chemin de Pelleport 31500 Toulouse France

e-mails : darklion@hotmail.com or yannick.edom@sncf.fr

This Project is produced by the Tadream Mailing List members and distributed as a tree system by Tom Richmond. Contact Tom Richmond for inclusion in distribution.

P 2001 TML Music C 2001 Mirage Créations

Many Thanks to Joel Mullen, Joe Shoults, Tom Richmond, Océane and Marine Brenan, Yannick Edom, every musicians of this project (without them there is no CD) and all friends from tadream@yahoogroups.com tangerinedream@yahoogroups.com and goblinsclub@yahoogroups.com

Very special thanks to Tangerine Dream (all line-ups) for the fabulous music from 1967 'till now.

Dreamwatcher's Tales Back Cover Image
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About Yannick Edom by Océane Brenan
Project manager and cover illustrator Born in late 60's, Yannick quickly became a Tangerine Dream fan and also a comics collector. This passion naturally drove him to become illustrator in 1977. He did several pencil & inks drawings and began to do and sell portraits in the 80's. When creating Mirage Créations with Darklion, He did artworks for some CDs like Olyam's "Overnight Letters" "Orpheus the Initiate" "Human" and "Pleiades". He also worked for the French label Musea on Bertrand Loreau's "Jericoacoara" and "Passé Composé" and created a strange dark sky texture for Christophe Poisson's "Music Sky" CD. He will work on some other CD covers and regularly continues to draw portraits following his own law "you can see so you can draw".