Dreamwatchers' Tales - Fable II - Visions of the Watchgirl

After the huge success of Dreamwatchers' Tales 1, we are pleased to announce that Dreamwatchers' Tales - Fable II - Visions of the Watchgirl is now complete!

If you would like to participate, please contact Tom Richmond, tree organizer, to be placed into the distribution tree hierarchy. Once Tom has completed the tree structure, we will post it on this page for you to view.   Click here to sign up as a BRANCH   Click Here to sign up as a LEAF

Please be sure to include your shipping address and prefernce of LEAF or BRANCH. If you are new to how a "tree" works, click here.
     Note that there is another current tree project in the tadream list; it and this one are mutually exclusive.

The design is for a CD case but in february there will be special DVD case design. All artworks and designs are available by download through Fred Yargui's website or:

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Track Info (click links for RealAudio samples)

Disc 1

  1. Dreamwatchers "Fable" (Darklion) copyright Mirage Créations
  2. Gille Hemery "Contact" (G.Hemery) copyright G. Hemery
  3. Pergamon Vs Bondee System "Cloud of the Unknowing" (Pergamon - Bondee System) copyright Bondee System/Pergamon
  4. Olivier Briand "Gladiators" (O. Briand) copyright O. Briand
  5. Darklion "Battlefield" (Darklion) copyright Mirage Créations
  6. Nightbirds "Electric Post-Rock Ensemble" (Modular R.V. - Blue Desk) copyright Nightbirds Music
  7. Paul Ellis & Nemesis "Untitled" (P. Ellis - A. Hassinen - J. Kastman) copyright Ellis/Nemesis
  8. James Owens "Leonids" (J. Owens) copyright J. Owens

    Disc 2

  9. Gustavo Jobim "Drifting" (G. Jobim) copyright G. Jobim
  10. Ionic "Drafting the Comet V & VI" (J. Salyers - P. Zimmermann - C. Steulet) copyright Ionic 
  11. Olyam "Parisian Greetings" (Olyam) copyright Olyam Music Prod.
  12. Döktor Strange "Red Ants Love Migration Freq" (Dr. Strange) copyright Sensorial Recordings
  13. Dave Brewer "Dreamcatcher" (D. Brewer) copyright D. Brewer
  14. Darklion & Olyam "The Spacestation" (Darklion - Olyam) copyright Mirage Création/Olyam Music Prod
  15. Mark Jenkins "The Stealing of the Five Thousands" (M. Jenkins) copyright AMP Records
  16. Fred Yargui " Virage Bleu" (F. Yargui) copyright F. Yargui
  17. Darklion & Olyam "Im Memoriam" (Darklion - Olyam) copyright Mirage Créations/Olyam Music Prod
    Exclusive DTS track. Dedicated to all victims of the World Trade Center, New York (USA) and the AZF Blast in Toulouse (FRANCE).

"In Memoriam" is a DTS track and can only be heard with a proper installation. A player (CD or LD or DVD) with a digital output connected to a home theater amplifer (Dolby AC and DTS) is needed. But a complete real audio version will be soon online in the Olyam website

Project Management : Darklion
Management Assistant : Yannick Edom
Audio Mastering, Processing, Visual Concept & Design by Darklion
All Artworks by Yannick Ediom
Inner Sleeve text by Darklion, Océane Brenan and Marine Brenan

C 2002 Mirage Créations, P 2002 TML Music