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FTP Instructions

Here are the easy steps, summarized here, then expanded below:

1. Install FTP "client" (program)

2. Enter address info into FTP client settings

3. Connect to server (there are 5 mini-steps here)

4. Drag and drop files      ... that's it!

Detailed directions with screenshots:

  1. Install FTP client if you don't alrady have one. Download here a working trial version of the WS_FTP software. Install the program and run it. This is just a trial version to see how you like it; we encourage you to buy the full version from Ipswitch, or use your favorite FTP program.

  2. Add new "site" to the list of sites in the "Address book". It's not really called an address book, but that's what it effectively is. Here are the steps:
    1. When you first install and run the program, you'll see something like the screenshot below. Click the "Create Site button that is flashing (it is just flashing here; it won't be flashing on your computer):

    2. A new little window will pop up on top of the original window. Enter whatever you wish in the Site "Name" and click "Next >"

    3. Enter the site address - you can copy and paste it from here. Click here for a list of FTP settings


      Click "Next >".

    4. Enter User ID and password

           User ID: tadream
           Password: for bigstupidgeek server, use your e-mail address as your password

      Check "Save Password". Click "Next >".

    5. The "port" field is usually set to the default, 21. Some severs may have a different port number. When no port number is indicated, use the default of 21.

      Uncheck "Passive Mode."

      Click "Finish"

  1. Connect to the other Computer

    You should see this screen:

  2. To download, navigate to the folder on the right side of the window that contains the desired file(s).

    On the left side window, navigate to the desired destination directory.

    Select the specific files or folders you want and click the green arrow pointing left to begin the the green left arrow.

    You can also drag and drop files directly to/from Windows Explorer.

A big advantage to using FTP is that you can "resume" where you left off, if a file transfer is interrupted. If you get disconnected or the file does not transfer, or your computer crashes or whatever, just restart the FTP program. A window should pop up to ask you if you want to "resume" the file. Click "Resume All" or "Resume" if this happens.

WS_FTP also provides a separate window showing transfer progress called the Transfer Manager (click View > Tansfer Manager).