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Deadlines apply "officially" for Tree signups, but you can always contact participants on your own for past Tree volumes.

To sign up for the current Tree volume, you must enter your name and info into the database. This is a simple process, but you must be signed in to yahoogroups. You have to join the mailing list in order to sign in.

Alternatively, you can send your request directly to Matthew Sawyer he will enter your info for you. You must provide the follwing info COMPLETELY:

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Location (in this format: Country - state or city)
  • Format: CDR/SHN/SHN Download - your preferred way of getting the tree (more info in "Format")
  • Branch/Leaf - participate as a branch or a leaf (read "How does it work?" formore info on branches and leaves)
  • Number of Leaves - if a branch, the number of people you will copy for.
  • Preferred supplier, if any (otherwise, one will be assigned to you)