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Essentially, you participate in a Tree as a BRANCH or a LEAF.

A Branch can make copies for other branches or leaves.

A Leaf receives disks or downloads and does not make copies.

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To sign up for the Tree , you must enter your name and info into the database. This is a simple process, but you must be signed in to yahoogroups. You have to join the mailing list in order to sign in.
: TT4 signups are NOW CLOSED.

Alternately, you can send your request to the mailing list management team or directly to Matthew Sawyer and we or he will enter your info for you.

You must provide the follwing info COMPLETELY:

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Location (in this format: Country - state or city)
  • Format: CDR/SHN/SHN Download - your preferred way of getting the tree (more info in "Format")
  • Branch/Leaf - participate as a branch or a leaf (read "How does it work?" formore info on branches and leaves)
  • Number of Leaves* - if a branch, the number of people you will copy for.
  • Preferred supplier, if any (otherwise, one will be assigned to you)

* Consider the number of leaves very carefully. You should only volunteer for the number of leaves that you KNOW you will be able to make copies for as quickly as possible. Consider that there can be perhaps as many as 15 disks per set.

  • Discussions on the tadream mailing list regarding trading fan tapes/CDRs are limited to non-personal discussions only.   Please never discuss your individual one-on-one trading activities on the list; that is between the two of you and should stay there. If someone is not fulfilling their obligations as a trader, please contact us
  • When communicating on the list about tree activities, please begin the subject line with [tree]
  • If you think of anything else that should be included here, let me know.