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The best way to keep up with the updates and details is on the mailing list. Please do not attempt to download unless you have high-speed internet access like, DSL, cable, T1, T3, etc.

UPDATE: use a torrent search site like Pirate Bay to search for "Tangerine Tree".

Direct links to torrents:

Vol 1-46

Vol 47-92

You use an FTP program to move files from one computer to another. Here are full FTP instructions. TT FTP files are in SHN format. Once you download a SHN file to your computer, you then burn your own audio CD with it.

You can sometimes also use Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE, your web browser) to download as an FTP client; simply click the link when indicated for a server below. This will open a window linking directly to the remote computer. Then you just drag and drop files out of that window onto your computer. The advantage of FTP over Explorer is the ability to resume downloads where you left off.



Server #1 (fastest)
user name:

Server #2
user name:

Tangerine Leaves is a subset of Tangerine Tree consisting of material that didn't quite make it onto the Tree for whatever reasons.


Use this calculator to determine how long it will take to download files.

change a number and hit 'Enter' on your keyboard

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